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Friday, August 04, 2006


This is for anyone that lives in Tennessee or in neighboring states.... beginning TODAY thru SUNDAY is TAX FREE WEEKEND here in TENNESSEE!!

There are many HUGE SALES going on at stores, many of which are offering additional savings with discounts on merchandise PLUS PAY NO TAX on MANY THINGS!! This is a GREAT way to stock up on School Supplies, Clothing, Etc. Get out there and find some GREAT DEALS this WEEKEND ONLY!!


Some Links Regarding TAX FREE WEEKEND in TENNESSEE...

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One Stop Shopping at Stonehouse Boutique!

This site has all of the hip baby necessities ~ literally ~ in one-shop!! That's right, at Stonehouse Boutique you can find just about anything hip for your baby and mommies, too!
Here you'll find cart covers ~ for those nasty shopping carts (so handy and cute)! You can also find nursing cover-ups for when you're out and about and you've gotta handle business!
This boutique also carries those super popular - Diapees & Wipees! Where exactly were these cute little inventions when my daughter was a baby?? Those are SO nifty and handy! This is when I think "why didn't I think of that?" Ya know? Oh yea, and they are all the rage for the Hollywood Moms!! So, this is a must have and it is very reasonable!!
Stonehouse also carries those oh-so-soft Minkee blankets ~ these are so nice and great for gift giving!
Speaking of gift giving... they also carry baby bling, quilts, soy candles, bibs and burp cloths, car seat covers, gift sets... the list goes on and on, I tell 'ya!
They even have cute handbags for Mom!! Can't forget about her, right Moms?
Hey, why don't you just check them out and see it for yourself.... Click the banner below and tell Pam to hook you up!! Happy Shopping!! :)

Give 'em Something 2 Brag About!

Today, we're spotlighting Something 2 Brag About and it's owner, Becci. Becci is a busy mom of 3 girls (2 of which are twins). Upon giving birth to her first daughter, she discovered that she'd more than likely never find anything customized with her daughter's name on it. Her daughter's name is Kylea Shea, very unique name for quite a unique little girl. (I have the same problem, my daughter's name is Kadyn.) Anyhoo, since she had this "problem" she decided to solve it by purchasing the material to make her daughter a customized baby bracelet. She then turned around and made one for herself. All of her family and friends began "oohing and ahhing" over her creations so much so, they began wanting some for themselves or as gifts for others. "Ding Ding Ding!", Becci decided to start her own custom jewelry business!
During this venture, a friend of hers had a tote bag with 4 pockets on the outside showing off her business as "free advertisement", Becci then comes up with the idea of a "brag bag". A cute tote bag for mom's, grandma's and the like to carry around showing off their little angels. Things like this always give you something to brag about while you're out and about!
Check out some of Something 2 Brag About's products! Some of her top sellers are:
and of course, the Mother's Bracelets
Check out this special Mommy in Business site and help support Mom's in Business! Get all of your bragging rights in a one-stop shop ~ Something 2 Brag About!